Dining Table Pitch

So, for Day 3 of The Chatty Scientist Challenge, #10DaysOfScicomm, I had to come up with a ‘Dining Table Pitch’. A Dining Table Pitch introduces what you do, in lay terms, in 20 seconds or around three sentences. This is quite a challenge, but definitely something I could improve at, as I tend to just get irritated at family events when no body shows interest in what I do. This is a bit related to my boyfriend being a marine scientist and my father being a neuroscientist. Everyone has seen Blue Planet, and the brain is ‘cool’, so I guess I have bit of an inferiority complex regarding the intrinsic ‘ooh’ factor of health economics.

So, without further ado, here is my Dining Table Pitch:

I’m a researcher, looking at how spending on healthcare affects our health. If we think of the NHS, we can see this is an important issue, as the current healthcare system is not sustainable. I use really big datasets, that I have special access to, and get to present my research at conferences all over Europe – and sometimes further afield!

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