My Elevator Pitch

I am working to improve my science communication skills, and one way in which I am doing this is by taking part in The Chatty Scientist‘s ’10 Days of Science Communication’.

It is currently Day 2, and the challenge is to come up with an elevator pitch that fits in 30 seconds. While the main aim of an elevator pitch is to improve oral communication, writing down my pitch seemed like a nice way to get started. So here it is!

P.S. Imagine I’m saying this in 30 seconds.

My research looks at whether health care spending affects health outcomes, and if it does, then how? 

Currently I am using a few different econometric methods to estimate a causal effect of heath care spending on mortality.  

Understanding the effects that personal and public spending have on healthcare should help to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system. For example, if we know the approximate cost of an additional life year (or QALY) then we have a threshold for the reimbursement of healthcare interventions, which earlier research suggests would be a fair bit lower than the current thresholds used in countries such as the UK. 


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